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Dear Lindon Business,

Lindon Cares is an evidence-based prevention coalition working to build community resilience and reduce the risk of addiction, abuse, and suicide in Lindon City. To achieve this ambitious mission, we host large and small community events, we teach classes in the community and in schools, and we partner with like-minded organizations to help make a difference in our community. 

Our Efforts would go even farther with your tax-deductible donation. There are many ways that your business could support our work to buid a more connected community. 


Large Events

We host a few large, community-wide events per year that cover a range of topics, such as healthy family relationships and safe technology. These are major events with a popular speaker, resource booths, and prize drawings. They are attended by hundreds of parents and community members.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Cash Donations to cover the costs of the event (speaker fees, printing and advertising costs, etc.)

  • Prize drawing donations

  • Giveaways for attendees

  • Refreshments


  • Your logo on event programs and promotional materials

  • Reserved seating at the event

  • Extra entries for prizes

*benefits depend on donation type & amount


Small Events

We host regular luncheons and oocasional other small events with local expert presenters. These are held at the high school and community center and are generally attended by 25+ people.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Providing lunch

  • Swag/gift bag donations

  • Cash donation


  • Public thank you

  • Your logo and/or signage at the event


Other Programs

We run other programs and campaigns, such as a 5-week parenting class and an 8-week coping skills after-school class for youth. These are currently grant-funded or there is a registration fee, but if you'd like to contribute to one of these or any other Lindon Cares program, please contact us to discuss details.

If you would like to be a Lindon Cares sponsor, please scan the QR code or click below to fill out the online form. We will reach out to follow up.

Thank you for considering Lindon Cares as you look for ways to make a positive impact in our community. We look forward to partnering with you. 

Jamie Jensen | Lindon Cares Prevention Coordinator |


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