Lindon Parks and Recreation provides youth sports and a great range of youth classes. We strive to offer a wide variety of activities for kids to explore and enjoy. We are always open to new program ideas. Please reach out and pitch us your idea!


Sign your child up for Lindon's Spring Soccer league. We provide small-sided soccer leagues for kids ages 3 to 12. Field and team sizes are reduced to encourage increased skill development. These leagues are recreational. Scores and standing are not kept. Our recreational soccer league provides kids the opportunity to learn fundamentals such as basic rules, defense, passing, trapping & shooting. These leagues rely heavily on volunteer coaches. Please consider volunteering this year.

Age 3, Ages 4-5 (Pre-K), Ages 5-6 (Kindergarten)
These leagues are coach ran. Coaches and team volunteers will help conduct practices and manage games. Teams will have 20 minute practices prior to a 30 minute games each Saturday. Additional weekly practices will not be held. The first scheduled game date will be a full practice. This is a day where players will meet their coach, team jerseys will be issued, and a 50 minute practice will be held. 

GRADES 1st-6th: $45

Teams will have weekly practices. Practice location, dates, time and duration will be decided by coaches. Games will be managed by recreation staff and hired referees. 


Teams will be formed based on elementary school boundary. Participants are allowed to request ONE friend. Friends MUST request each other and sign up BEFORE the league deadline for the best possible chance to be placed on the same team. Friend requests are NOT GUARANTEED, but we do make our best effort to fulfill them. If the person you requested did not request your child, chances are they will not be placed on the same team. If you want to request more than one friend, please sign up as a TEAM. Click the "TEAM ROSTER FORM" below for more info.

SEASON DATES: Saturdays, April 24-May 29

LATE REGISTRATION: Feb 26- Mar 1 ($10 fee)

Hannah Silvey,

Playing Soccer
Valentine Candy



Though we are unable to hold our annual February event this year, we require that fun will still be had! We have created a fun Valentine’s Day take home kit. This kit will include a handful of fun and easy games the whole family will enjoy. The kit will include 4-5 activities, prizes and a Valentine’s Day craft. The initial box will include enough supplies for 4 people ($20). If you require more there will be an option to add to your box when checking out. Increments of 2 ($10) and 4 ($20) will be offered. Kits can be picked up Feb. 10, from 3:00-5:00 PM, at the Lindon Community Center north parking lot, at the white tents. 

RESERVE BY: February 4th


Register your child to participate in our youth volleyball clinic this winter. Learn the sport and proper techniques from Club Vinaka Volleyball coaches. Spots will fill up quickly. This league is limited to 15 participants in each age group. Sign your child up ASAP to insure their participation. Clinic will be held at the Lindon Community Center gym.

DATES:  Tuesdays, March 9- April 20
No class held on 4/6 due to Spring Break

3rd/4th: 3:00-3:55 PM

5th/6th: 4:00-4:55 PM

FEE: $40/6 weeks

LOCATION: Lindon Community Center

Volleyball Practice


What is snow? How is snow formed? Are all snowflakes the same? How do animals stay warm in the cold winter months? Students will learn from fun activities and hands on projects about winter habitats, animals, hibernation, and even how to make snow! Sign your child up for this fun and exciting class today!

DATES: Wednesdays, February 3-24

GRADES: Kindergarten-3rd

FEE: $32

TIME: 3:00-4:00 PM

LOCATION: Lindon Community Center (25 N Main)


Do you love the hit show Nailed It!? This is a great chance for your kiddo to try their hand at a variety of ways to 'Nail' their own creativity. We will have a great time learning new ways to paint, decorate treats, sculpt and more! All in an attempt to 'Nail' our ability to recreate a work of art. Kids can work in teams or on their own to recreate their own masterpiece each week.

DATES: Thursdays, February 4-25

GRADES: Kindergarten-6th

FEE: $32

TIME: 3:00-4:00 PM

LOCATION: Lindon Community Center (25 N Main)

Golf Equipment


InMotion Junior Golf will be holding indoor junior programs January-March. The indoor facility allows InMotion Junior Golf to include all aspects of the game including, short game practice, range balls, in depth instruction, video analysis and rules & etiquette. Classes will be taught by PGA professionals. 1 and 1.5 hour programs are held once/week. each class has a 5:1 student to instructor ratio. 


DATES: Wednesdays, Feb. 10- Mar. 10

AGES 4-7: 5:00-6:00 PM

AGES 8-12: 6:00-7:00 PM

AGES 13-18: 7:00-8:00 PM

FEE: $100/5 weeks

LOCATION: Backyard Greens (523 N 1000 W, Lindon)


Mini-Figure Mania

Building with LEGO® bricks is often about one thing; making incredible constructions for the mini-figures that get to live and use them. This Snapology program will provide a structure for students to make some truly wild creations; from engineering challenges like making the tallest towers or fastest car, to ones that require more imagination and creativity, like building a city or vacation parks. This is a continuation of the program offered in December at Lindon Community Center. Attendance of session 1 is not a prerequisite, but no classes will be repeated.

DATES: Tuesdays, February 2-23

GRADES: Kindergarten-6th

FEE: $40

TIME: 3:30-4:30 PM

LOCATION: Lindon Community Center (25 N Main)

Boy Throwing Basketball


All age groups for basketball are full. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding our youth basketball program, please get in contact with sport coordinator below. Thanks to all of those who are particpating with us this season. We hope you have a fun experience!









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